Special places

Hi friends,

As promised by my blog title, not only will I be writing about different experiences and travel tips I’ve learnt while abroad, I will also be talking about some of the places I’ve visited. The places I will spotlight will not necessarily be the big attractions everyone talks about, but the places that hit home for me. Usually because when I think of these cities or areas, a smile creeps onto my face as I reminisce about memories made, and people met, and the adventures had. Often without the slightest clue upon arrival to these areas what it would mean to me weeks later. Because that’s the thing about the best moments of your life, you don’t realize how special they are to you until later when you look back and laugh at the ridiculousness of whatever moment you were living at the time.

Any who, stay tuned for some random anecdotes from some rad cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting.

Paula Xx


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